Daily Workouts


I decided to start a training log on here because I think it is a great way to keep track of my progress and how my workouts feel. I do blog, but my blog is more for recipes and food than training and workouts. And I like the idea of being able to keep track of my workouts and possibly getting feedback as well:)

I am getting married in April–so I definitely want to look my best for the wedding and honeymoon!
I want to improve my strength and PR’s

My current training schedule is as follows:

–Day 1 of the week’s hatch squat cycle
–Some strength if my body feels up to it (mainly Press, abs, or pull-ups)

–5:30am run — 2 miles at around 8-9:00 pace (not too challenging)
–6:00pm Crossfit WOD

–6:00pm Crossfit WOD

–6:00pm Crossfit WOD

–5:30am run — 2 miles at 8-9:00 pace
–6:00pm – Day 2 of the week’s hatch squat cycle


–9:00am Community WOD

I’d like to add one day of Olympic lifting class a week, which isn’t too much strength for me at this point–it’s more for technique until I get that down and can start building strength.

I started the hatch squat cycle because my squat had decreased after not doing it (I was in army training for 6 months, and when I returned the prior gym I belonged to only did squats on Mondays and I could not make the Monday workouts, and they didn’t really have open gym) and I really want to improve my squat strength. I feel it can benefit me in other lifts as well.

Weaknesses I’d like to improve:
-Overhead Strength (I have very little!)
-Strict pull-ups
-Snatch (technique and strength)

Current 1RMs:
Deadlift: 195#
Back Squat: 145#
Front Squat: 110#
Clean: 110#
Clean&Jerk: 105#
Press: 80#
Push Press: 105#
Snatch: 80#
Strict Pull-ups: 3

Looking forward to improving everything!


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