Daily Workouts

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

6:00pm Crossfit WOD

warm up Deadlift to 80%
EMOM 10 of:
3 deadlifts @ 70-75%

I did the EMOM at 145#, which is right around 75% of my last calculated 1RM. I felt like I could have done a little more though, it felt easy. I probably should recalculate my 1RM

4 Rounds of:
400m run
10 G2OH 135/95
10 TTB

Score: 19:48 at 75#

My overhead strength sucks so I knew I couldn’t Rx the weight. I struggled a bit on the ground-2-overheads, I did clean and jerks for them and pretty much had to drop every 1. Toes-to-Bar always slow me down. I used to be a little better at stringing them together but they hurt my hands too much to hold on, even with wraps/gloves/straps. The run was my only saving grace, which still sucked since it was cold and at the end of the workout my throat tasted like bleeding. I still felt pretty good afterwards and I enjoyed the workout for the most part.

I also stayed afterwards and did 5 sets of 2 strict pull-ups. Gotta start working those again if I want to improve them!



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