Daily Workouts

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Friday, 1/29/2016
Saturday, 1/30/2016
10:00am- Oly Class
I decided to skip the community WOD Saturday and went to the Olympic lifting class.  It was nice to be in the class again, the coach is very good and it has really helped to improve my technique a lot.
Since I had not been in a while we focused more on getting the technique down than the weight, so the weight was not very heavy for me and it wasn’t too much of a workout per se.  But it was still good and very beneficial.
5 x 3 at 23kg
Power Cleans
3 at 23kg
3 at 23kg
3 at 25kg
3 at 28 kg
3 at 28 kg
3 at 30 kg
3 at 35kg
Good Mornings from the floor
4 x 4 at 38kg
GHD sit-ups (not extending past parallel)
4 x 10
Everything felt pretty good and I really like oly class, Will probably start doing it once a week again.

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