Daily Workouts

Sunday, January 31, 2016

9:00am – Open Gym

Warmed up with 500m Row

Week 7 Day 1 of Hatch Squat Cycle

Back Squat
5 at 100#
5 at 115#
2 at 125#
3 at 130#
1 at 145#

Front Squat
5 at 80#
4 at 90#
4 at 95#
2 at 100#
Other Work:

4 x 5 at 65#

Ring Dips (negatives):
4 x 5

4 x 2
Hatch was not as bad as I thought it would be today. It is week 7, so that means the last back squat set is what I programmed as my 1RM. I was a little nervous when I got to that set.
When I did, it felt okay, but I felt like I didn’t go down all the way. So I gave myself two minutes of rest and then tried again.
The second attempt felt better, I felt I went down further, but I still felt like it wasn’t very good. I struggled slightly on the way up.
I gave it one more attempt, and the last one I knew I went down, and it felt slightly easier. I feel I could probably do a little more weight for my 1RM now.

The rest of the exercises I did felt good, just some of the weaknesses I’d like to improve. Strict presses felt fine. Ring Dips I do not usually do and is something I need to work on, especially if I’d like to eventually get a muscle-up, so I did negatives to try to improve that strength. And of course, I wanted to work on my pull-ups so I can eventually do more than 2 at once.



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