Daily Workouts

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

5:30am – Run
Ran 2 miles in 19:00.  Not my best time, but again, I’m not training for a race or anything.  I mainly just want to keep running in my routine to help with cardio.  I also want to be ready if I need to do a PT test in February.  I will be doing a Company run in February and will have to call cadence, so I need to be able to keep my breath.
6:00pm Crossfit WOD
Dynamic Warm-up
Back Squat
1st squat in every set is tempo 5.6.1
4 at 65#
4 at 75#
4 at 85#
4 at 95#
I didn’t go too heavy since I’m doing hatch Wednesday. But they felt good.
12 min AMRAP:
30 power snatch 85/115 lbs
30 lateral burpees
120 DU
Score: 1+3 at 55#
I didn’t pick a heavy weight for snatches since they are my weakness and my form still needs work, I wanted to be safe when doing them and I knew if I went heavier then my form would be atrocious.  It was still pretty challenging for me.  Double-unders always tire me out and after a while I was only able to do 10-15 at a time.  But at least I finished one round.

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