Daily Workouts

Wednesday-Thursday 2/10-2/11/2016

Wednesday, 2/10/2016

5:30am – Run

I ran 2 miles in 19:50, a slow pace focusing on my breathing and being able to sing while running–I will be having a company run next weekend and will have to call cadence. This will be something I need to get used to since I normally breathe two paces in and two paces out, and will have to have longer breaths in order to call cadence loudly (I also have a pretty soft voice). I definitely need more practice.

I was going to do the 6:00pm Crossfit class, but my body had too much. I felt fine during my morning run, but later on in the day the soreness hit and my legs and back were killing me. I went home and soaked in a tub full of epsom salt instead.


Thursday, 2/11/2016

6:00pm Crossfit WOD

Find 1RM for bench press

I have never tested a 1RM for bench press so it was definitely a PR! haha. I got up to 90#.

18 min EMOM:
Odd minutes: 5 Power Cleans (choose your weight)
Even minutes: 30 Double-unders

I chose 85# for the weight for the cleans. I wanted it to be challenging and not too easy, and I thought that weight would do it for me. Halfway through when I was still able to do touch-and-go, I realized that I probably could have put more weight on the bar. I thought 85# would be challenging enough to where I would need to drop the bar towards the last half of the workout (it definitely used to be more than enough) but I was able to hold onto the bar the whole time for all of the odd minutes. I have definitely gotten stronger since I used to struggle with just a couple at 85#!

And my double-unders were on par!


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