Daily Workouts



Friday, 2/12/2016

Saturday, 2/13/2016
9:00am – Community WOD
It was a Partner WOD, I can’t remember everything we did but it was fun and not too bad.
Afterwards I went for a run, and did 2.16 miles in 19:09

Sunday, 2/14/2016
Week 8 Day 2 of Hatch Squat Cycle
Back Squat:
2 x 5 at 95#
3 x 5 at 100#
Front Squat:
4 x 5 at 70#
Easy squat day, it was lighter today, I think this week was a de-load.
Other work done:
Ring Dips – 3 set of 5 negatives
Strict Pull-ups – 4 sets of 2
GHD sit-ups – 3 sets of 10

Monday, 2/15/2016
6:00pm Crossfit WOD
Back squat 6 x 4 at 70%
I did them at 95#
Squat clean Elizabeth
21 – 15 – 9
Squat Cleans 95/65 Rx, 115/85 Rx+
HR push-ups Rx, Ring-dips Rx+
Not your regular Elizabeth.  I did the Rx version.
Score: I don’t actually remember my score, I think it was 7:44
“Extra Credit”
Run 400m
30 pistols
Run 400m
20 pistols
Run 400m
10 pistols
I decided to do the extra credit.  I did pistols with my heel on a plate.  After a while I got tired and my leg would touch the ground as I came back up.

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