Daily Workouts

Tuesday, 2/16/2016

Tuesday, 2/16/2016
0530 – Run
Ran two miles in 18:30
1800 – Crossfit WOD
Power snatch 5×1,
Find 1RM Snatch
My 1RM is 80#.  Once I get my form down better I could probably move more.  Snatch is such a complicated move for me though.
3 rounds:
200m run
10 power snatches 95/65 Rx,  115/85 Rx+
10 lateral burpees
Score: 12:59 Rx
I thought I would do a lot worse than I did.  Although I had to drop each snatch (as most people did anyway), they didn’t feel as heavy at that weight as they used to.  The burpees are what slowed everyone down, and they sucked.  But I did a little better than I thought.
“Extra Credit:”
5 rounds:
30 Double-unders
I only did 3 rounds of the extra credit, with two abmats under my head.

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