Daily Workouts


Thursday, 2/18/2016
Week 9 Day 1 of Hatch Squat Cycle
Back Squat:
1 x 5 at 85#
1 x 3 at 100#
1 x 2 at 115#
1 x 2 at 130#
1 x 1 at 140#
Front Squat:
1 x 5 at 80#
1 x 4 at 90#
1 x 4 at 95#
1 x 4 at 100#
These were easy today. It was supposed to be a heavier day, but they felt so easy that I had to check to make sure the bar I was using was a 45# bar and not a 35# bar.  But Gold’s only has 45# bars, and since I left my gym bag at home like a dummy I couldn’t workout at my box like I had planned, I had to drive all the way home and change and then went to Gold’s.  I was surprised at how easy the last backsquat felt at 140#, just 5# less that what my 1RM was when I started.  Front Squats felt pretty easy too.
Afterwards, I did some inclined sprints on the treadmill.

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