One Month Eat-to-Perform Progress (with photo)

I thought I would give a progress report on Eat to Perform and how it has been working for me. I joined ETP in the beginning of the year, and I’ll admit that I was a little apprehensive in following the protocal. Coming from a background of low-carb eating and a history of various eating disorders, I had a slight freak-out moment when I received my TDEE numbers.

Training Days:
Calories: 2089
Carbs: 243
Protein: 133
Fat: 65

Recovery Days:
Calories: 1689
Carbs: 143
Protein: 133
Fat: 65

I had previously been eating around 1400 calories a day–whether I trained or not–and never more than 84 carbs. So seeing that my final TDEE was going to be almost 50% more calories and almost triple the amount of carbs that I am used to was a bit scary.

They put me on a plan to slowly increase my intake over a 7 week period until I reached my total TDEE.

The first couple of weeks I did experience some slight bloating due to my body adjusting to the new intake. It started to level out.

Some days it was harder, and I wanted to eat less because I “felt fat.” But I stuck with it. My weight stayed pretty consistent, just fluctuating a couple pounds here and there. But my quads started filling out my jeans a little more, and my performance seemed to be benefitting.
Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell if I am headed in the right direction. I don’t always see myself accurately, and in my mind I will feel like I look worse. I think this is mostly my mind reacting to the increased calorie consumption. This is where photos come in handy.

I took a photo two weeks into ETP, and I took another the other day (a month later) after having been eating my full TDEE for a week. I had been feeling a lot fluffier lately, and I expected the photos to show as much. I expected to have a bit more pudge in my stomach in the more recent photos. But the results surprised me.  I have a hard time posting photos up usually because I always want to wait until I have a night-and-day transformation, but I am hoping this might encourage more people that eating less is not always the best thing.

The left photos were taken on January 13, 2016, about 4 hours after eating. The right photos were taken February 27, 2016, about 30 minutes after eating a high-carb post-WOD breakfast.


Mind you–I know the difference is small, but this is only one month of progress, and the results are favorable. While my size might be the same, I feel more tighter.  Seeing this was encouraging, because it helps me to see that I am on the right track and doing things correctly, and headed in the right direction. I feel like my body has now adjusted to my TDEE, and I feel good about where I am going. This is just one month of progress. And I am feeling better performance-wise. Heck, I just did 16.1 RX’d! That was something I didn’t think I’d be able to do!

I am eager to see where the next months will take me and what changes I will make in the gym and in the mirror.

So far I am loving Eat to Perform. The coaches in the forums are extremely helpful, and I get a lot of information browsing through the forums. There is a lot of support and people willing to help you. Hopefully in another month I will update with even better photos!


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