Daily Workouts

Fri-Sun 3/7-3/9



Friday, 3/7/2016
watched everyone do 16.2 and now I’m nervous to do it on Monday

Saturday, 3/8/2016
Army Physical Fitness Test
Push-ups in 2 minutes: 39
Sit-ups in 2 minutes: 73
2 Mile Run: 16:01
Total Points: 274
5 points more than my last APFT! I improved my push-ups by 3, sit-ups by 4, and 10 seconds off my run time.  I didn’t think I would do that well, especially on the run.  I was just hoping to get less than 18 minutes for the run and over 30 for the push-ups.

Sunday, 3/9/2016
Company Run – probably around 2 miles at a slow, conversational pace

I’m a bit nervous to do 16.2 tonight.  Toes-to-bar are going to slow me down.  I really would like to at least finish the first round, and I would love to get to do one clean at 115# in the second round.

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