Daily Workouts


Tuesday 3/8/2016
Wednesday, 3/09/2016
I decided to go to the gym tonight instead of the box.  I needed to do hatch since I’m a little behind on it, and since they are moving things around at my box I didn’t want to be in the way using a squat rack while everyone was WODing around me.  I also did some other strength work.
1000m Row
Hatch Squat Cycle Week 10 Day 2
Back Squat:
1 x 5 at 85#
1 x 5 at 95#
1 x 5 at 100#
1 x 5 at 110#
Front Squat:
1 x 5 at 70#
1 x 5 at 80#
1 x 5 at 85#
1 x 5 at 85#
Week 10 of hatch is pretty easy and light, but I just realized why.  It’s a de-load.  I peeked at Week 11 and I will be doing over the max that I programmed. Ah!
Strict Press
4 x 5 at 50#
(I mainly did these because I was waiting for the squat rack and there was only a 50# barbell available)
Barbell Rows
3 x 10 at 50#

Dumbbell Tricep Kick-backs

3 x 8 at 20#
Farmers Walk around the perimeter of the gym twice with 30# kettle-bells
Not my typical crossfit WOD, but not too bad of a workout.

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