Daily Workouts


Thursday, 3/10/2016

6:00pm Crossfit WOD

Bench press
1×10@70% (55#)
1×10@80% (65#)
1×10@90% (75#)
(of 10 rep max)

5 RFT:
10 slam balls (20#)
10 ground-to-shoulder with slam ball
10 sit ups with slam ball
10 Russian twist with slam ball
10 candle sticks with slam ball

Score: I don’t remember and I didn’t write it down, but I finished fairly quickly.

Friday, 3/11/2016
Crossfit Open 16.3
7-min. AMRAP:
10 power snatches (55#)
3 bar muscle-ups
Score: 10 reps
I was hoping I could maybe eek out one bar muscle-up, but alas, I had never really done or practiced them before.  My strength isn’t quite there to pull the bar to my hips, So I ended up doing a lot of chest-to-bar pull-ups in attempt haha.  Next year!
Afterwards I did the workout again, but I didn’t do the official scaled.  I left the 55# on the bar and did 5 regular pull-ups instead of jumping C2B.  I didn’t count my rounds (it was at least 3-4) but I basically wanted to get more of a workout in since 10 snatches wasn’t much.

Saturday, 3/12/2016

Sunday, 3/13/2016
9:00am Open Gym
1000m Row
Week 11 Day 1 of Hatch Squat Cycle
Back Squat:
1 x 5 at 85#
1 x 3 at 100#
1 x 2 at 115#
1 x 2 at 130#
1 x 1 at 140#
1 x 1 at 150#
Front Squat:
1 x 5 at 70#
1 x 5 at 85#
1 x 5 at 90#
1 x 5 at 90#
I was a little nervous for that last back squat rep because it’s 5# over what my original 1RM was, but I did it just fine! And then I took a couple minutes of rest and attempted again to make sure I got it and I did.  I video’d them to make sure I was getting depth and they looked alright and they looked fine.  5# PR, yay!
Other work:
GHD sit-ups: 3 x 12
Ring Dip negatives: 3 x 5
Strict Pull-ups: 4 x 3

Monday, 3/14/2016
6:00pm Crossfit WOD
find 5 rep max squat
1×5@85%  (105#)
1×5@75%  (90#)
(they weren’t my true 85% of 5RM, but I just did squats on Sunday so I didn’t want to go too heavy.
Run 800m
then 5RFT:
3 squat clean Rx = 95/65,  Rx+ = 115/85
6 thrusters same weight
30 DU
Run 800m
Score: 24:03 at “Rx+” weight
Talked to the coach, turns out that the “Rx” weight is really just the scaled weight and the “Rx+” weight is the actual Rx weight, but he’s been writing it like that so that the people that usually scale the weight will push themselves to do a little heavier to be able to say they did Rx weight.  I don’t know how I feel about this, I think it might be a bit misleading if people think they can do the Rx weight fine then go to another box and realize they can’t really Rx.  From now on I am going to try to do the “Rx+” weight as much as possible.  It was pretty tough tonight with the thrusters and my time sucked, but I’m not going to get stronger if I don’t push myself to do more weight.  I’d rather have a slower time at a heavier weight than just whiz through the WOD and not gain that strength.  If I want to lift heavier, then I need to lift heavier.

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