Daily Workouts


Saturday, 4/16/15
10:00am Olympic Lifting Class
I want to start doing Olympic lifting class more often, so I am starting with twice a week.  Right now the weight is fairly light for me since I am focusing on technique and getting the mechanics of the movements right before I move up in weight.
Power Snatch:
2 x 3 at 20K (44#)
4 x 2 at 25K  (55#)
Clean+Front Squat
2+3 at 25K (55#)
2+2 at 29K (63.8#)
2+2 at 32K  (70.4#)
2 x 4+1 at 35K (77#)
Snatch Pull:
2 x 3 at 25K (55#)
3 x 2 at 29K (63.8#)
Good Mornings:
4 x 6 at 45K (99#)
Everything felt pretty good, although the good mornings made me sore the next day! And I got to watch my husband get a new PR of 90K (198#) on his snatch!

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