Daily Workouts


Wednesday, 4/20/2016

Olympic Lifting Class

Power Snatch+OHS
2 x (2+3) at 20K
5 x (1+2) at 22K

2 x 3 at 29K
2 x 2 at 34K
2 x 1 at 40K

Back Squat:
4 at 35K
2 x 3 at 40K
3 x 2 at 44K

Snatch Pull to explosion point:
4 x 3 at 35K

3 x 20 crunches
2 x 15 russian twists

Again, fairly light since I am working more on technique, the only thing that felt a little heavy were the snatch pulls. I am typically eating my recovery macros on these types of days since I am not lifting heavy or getting my heart rate up at all. Not yet at least. Once my technique starts coming together, Oly days will be a little heavier and more of a workout.


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