Daily Workouts


Monday, 4/25/2016
6:00pm Crossfit WOD
Back squat
3 rep max
400m run
5 squat clean (95/65) RX+(135/95)
10 OHS
15 TTB
Score: 24:something at 55# (I think…I think it was 24:38.. Whatever it was it was last place in the 6pm class)
This workout really sucked.  Note to self..and everyone else…MAKE SURE YOU ARE PROPERLY HYDRATED! I drank water, but considering how hot and humid it is getting in Texas I sweat a LOT of it out, and should have drank more.  I finished the workout, but my performance was not great and by the 4th round I was getting really lightheaded.  When I finished I just lay on the floor until the lightheadedness went away and had my husband bring me some water and a cold neck towel.  The workout in itself was not my forte anyway…I can’t do overhead squats very well, I have some mobility issues and can’t go get very low yet so I had to use 55# for the WOD. and toes-to-bar always slow me down a lot.  But I got through it, and will start drinking more water!

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