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Tuesday, 4/26/16
6:00pm Crossfit WOD
Strict press
3 rep @ 97.5% (75#)
3 rep @ 87.5%  (70#)
3 rep @ 75.5%  (65#)
1000m row
50 wall balls 20/14
40 KBS 53/35
30 goblet squats 53/35
20 burpee box jump 24/20
10 straight leg sit ups
1 rope climb
Score: 18:08 RX
ugh..this was a bit rough.  I originally looked at the WOD and thought it wouldn’t be too bad, but I also didn’t see the rowing part. Rowing takes a lot out of me, so by the time I was finished with the row, I was already done for haha.  I was going to break the wall-balls up into 10’s, but that didn’t quite work out.  It was more like a set of ten, a couple sets of 8’s, then sets of 5’s and 3’s.  I was tired.  I broke the kettle-bell swings into 10’s and my arms were on fire, and the goblet squats were 10’s.  The burpee box jumps were pretty slow for me because I was tired and my cardio was sucking.  I was actually surprised that I was able to do the rope climb at the end, my arms were shot, but when I looked over at my husband he reminded me that I a rope climb was mostly legs and that helped, and I was able to get up there.

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