Daily Workouts


Wednesday, 4/27/16
Olympic Lifting Class
3 at 20k
6×2 at 25k
Clean Pull+Power Clean:
3 x (2+2) at 25k
(1+2) at 35k
2 x (1+1) at 40k
Push Jerk:
3×3 at 29k
2×2 at 34k
Back Squat
4 at 50%  (35k)
3 at 60%  (42k)
3 at 70%  (49k)
4×2 at 80%  (56k)
3×6 hanging leg lifts
3×8 GHD sit-ups with weight (not going lower than parallel)
2×50 toe touches
Still working on technique and form so nothing too heavy, except for the back squats.  Snatches are getting better, but still have mobility issues with getting low in the overhead squat position.  I’ll get there.  Cleans are getting pretty easy too.
Since it wasn’t much weight for me and nothing was too strenuous I ate recovery day macros.
In a week or two the coach will probably have me max my lifts so we can start working with percentages.

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