Daily Workouts


Saturday, 4/30/16
10:00am Olympic Lifting Class
Snatch-pull + Power Snatch
2 x (1+3) at 20k
4 x (1+2) at 23k
2 x (1+1) at 25k
Power Clean from blocks
5 x 2 at 30k
3 x 1 at 35k
4 at 45k
2 x 3 at 55k
4 x 2 at 65k
Snatch Push-Press
4 x 4 at 20k
Everything is still pretty light.  My snatches are feeling a lot better, and I am actually starting to like them.  Although I will probably be a little nervous once I actually start putting up more weight.  The only thing semi heavy today was the deadlifts, and they weren’t too bad.  Ate recovery macros today since I didn’t burn much at oly class.

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