Daily Workouts


Friday, 7/1/16

Saturday, 7/2/16
Rowing – 30 minutes (5700 meters total)
Planks: 3 x 1:00
Side Planks: 3 x 0:45
Russian twists with weight (18#) 3 x 20
Weighted sit-ups 3 x 20

Sunday, 7/3/16

Monday, 7/4/16
Front Squats:
5-4-3-2 (50-75%)
(65#, 75#, 80#, 85#)
10 minute AMRAP:
3 strict (or eccentric) pull-ups
10 hand-release push-ups
5 burpees
Score: 7 rounds
My husband wrote this one for me.  There was no WOD at the gym but we went to work out with a few people that would be there, and while they did Oly he wrote this for me to do.  It was very heavy on the lats.  The first round I was able to do regular pull-ups, but for the rest of the time my lats were fried and I had to do eccentric pull-ups.
Afterwards I did some abs:
Planks: 3 x 1:00
Side planks: 3 x 0:30
Bicycle crunches: 3 x 25
In-and outs: 3 x 25
Candlesticks: 3 x 10
As far as macros go…the 4th may not have been the best day of following them!

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