Daily Workouts


Friday, 7/8/16
Saturday, 7/9/16
Open Gym
Strict Press
10 at 60% (50#)
8 at 70% (55#)
6 at 75% (60#)
4 at 80% (65#)
Push Press
5 at 60% (65#)
3×5 at 70% (75#)
Pull-ups (strict)
Muscle-up practice:
Hip taps on rings (singles) – 10
Plank: 3 x 1:00
Side planks: 3 x 0:45
Russian twists with 18# KB
3 x 25
3 x 25
2 mile run
So I used the hatch squat cycle for strict press and push press today.  I need to start working on my overhead strength.
Also, today was the first day I have run 2 miles in a long time, I’m surprised I was able to do so well, especially in the blazing Texas heat.  I thought my cardio had decreased a lot, but it’s good to know that I can still push myself to do 2 miles, which is good because I have a APFT in August, and it’s nice to know I don’t have to kill myself to try to get a decent run time.  I do however need to start working on my push-ups now for it though.  Even if I just do 10 everyday it would help.

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