Daily Workouts


Tuesday, 7/12/16
6pm Crossfit WOD
Death by 10m sprints
1st 30 seconds: sprint 10m, 2nd 30 seconds: sprint 20m, 3rd 30 seconds: sprint 30m, etc. all the way up to 100m
3 rounds:
1 min max calorie row
1 min max air squats
1 min max burpees
1 min max pull ups
Rest 2 min
Score is total reps+calories
Score: 191
This was a gasser! A lot of heavy breathing and elevated heart rate.  I sweat so much that when I got on the scale at night I was 3lbs lighter than the day before.  The pull-ups were the most difficult for me. Each round I averaged 15 calories, 25 air squats, 15 burpees and 5-10 pull-ups.
I didn’t sleep much that night because my husband took our cat to the emergency vet and I was worried all night.  So far he’s okay but we’re monitoring his tummy problems.  I was also having some pain from my kidney stone that made it hard to sleep as well.  And I got up early to run this morning.  I feel so tired today.  But I’m glad he took Wally to the vet, our cats are our kids.
Been pretty consistent in logging on my trendsheet.  Since I will be at drill this weekend, I need to plan my days now.
Also, in 3 weeks I will have a APFT test, so I need to start running a lot more and work on my push-ups and sit-ups.

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