Daily Workouts

7/14 – 7/17

5:30am Run
2 miles
Time: 22:00
I don’t know why the run seemed to suck more, but it did.
5:30am Run
2 miles
Time: 21:00
6pm Crossfit WOD
10′ EMOM of:
100m row
2 wall-balls
Increase wall balls by 2 each minute, when you can’t finish the round before the clock runs out you are out.
I only got through 5 rounds
Partner WOD
20 Minute AMRAP:
“Slutty Cindy”
5 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
10 Hand-release push-ups
15 jumping air squats
We alternated each movement, so partner did pull-ups, I did push-ups, he did squats, then i did pull-ups, he did push-ups..etc throughout the whole workout.
Score: 20+25
The body-weight workouts are what I seem to do better at, and this was not too bad for me.  We had an odd number in class, so I was on a team of three.  I did this with my husband and another guy at our gym, and basically they both worked the same exercise at the same time–like they were both one person.  I think this workout was more my jam than theirs I think.  I liked this workout.
7/16/16 and 7/17/16
Drill weekend – no workouts

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