Daily Workouts


5:30am Run
2 miles
Tome: 21:00
6pm Crossfit WOD
Pistol practice,
EMOM 8′:
2 pistols
(I did them with a resistance band)
10! (10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1) of:
Handstand Pushups
Full cleans (115/85)
Score: 20:49 with 75# and 2 ab mats for HSPU
Ugh…this WOD was torture.  I went in thinking, oh, this won’t be too bad.  I like doing HSPU and it’s a descending number each round. I was wrong.
I sent this photo to my husband afterwards:
Since he is the one that did the programming haha.  At first I was thinking that I could RX this workout but it would just take longer, then I thought better. I probably could have used only one ab mat under my head for the HSPU but I stuck with 2.  The cleans, however, were awful.  I used 75# and in the first round of 10 I already felt like that was a mistake.  I am not as strong as I was before I took those two months off, and for full squat cleans, that was pretty heavy for me.  Around the round of 8 and 7 I debated on taking 10lbs off my barbell, but I stuck with it and just went pretty slow.  It took me forever.  And looking at the average times on the board, they were around 16-17 minutes (scaled). My quads and hips were on fire throughout this whole workout.  I would have been able to do power cleans fine I think, but those full cleans were painful!

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