Daily Workouts


(Traveling to Florida)
Walked a lot.
We were going to workout in the morning but my dad took us out in his boat.  We went to Busch Gardens and walked a lot though.
40 minute time cap Partner WOD:
800m run (each partner does 400m)
100 thrusters
150 pull-ups
200 push-ups
250 sit-ups
300 single-unders (or 200 double unders)
800m run
This was rough for my husband and I.  We both started to tear during the pull-ups, but my husband tore pretty badly and couldn’t finish them so we moved onto push-ups (I think we were almost done with pull-ups anyway).  We got as far as the double unders, and I think we almost completed all of those.  It was hot too.  We have been used to the hot humidity in Texas, but the humidity in Florida seems so much thicker and makes it harder to breathe when you’re not used to it.  I am still sore from the thrusters, which I did at 55#.
Now we are back in town, not on vacation anymore and back to the grind.

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