Daily Workouts





10am Open Gym

1000m Row

10 at 60% (50#)
8 at 60% (50#)
8 at 70% (55#)
8 at 75% (60#)

Push Press:
5 at 60% (65#)
5 at 65$ (70#)
2 x 5 at 70% (75#)

Then I did a partner WOD with a few others:

Row 2000m (partner rows 500, I row 500, partner rows 500, I row 500)
4 rounds of:
30 sit-ups (partner does 15, I do 15)
20 wall-balls 14# (10 each)
20 kettle-bell swings (10 each)
Row 2000m


I ran 1 mile with a 20# weighted vest
Finished in 10:32

A fun day. I was actually surprised I ran a whole mile with the vest. I wanted to run a mile, but didn’t think I could do more than half a mile. Running with an extra 20lbs in almost 100 degree heat can be a bit rough! I’m hoping it will really help my run time for the APFT this Saturday. The presses I did because I really want to increase my overhead strength, I just did the hatch squat program but used press and push press in place of back and front squat.


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