Daily Workouts


6pm Crossfit WOD
“Nancy” Retest
5 rounds of:
400m run
15 OH Squats 95/65
My husband wrote the programming to where he the variables to be the same as the first time we tested the workout, so if we chose to scale the first benchmark then the second opportunity would also have to be scaled. So the first time I did the benchmark, I used 35# since I had been gone for a month and didn’t want to rush into things too quickly.  The overhead squats were tough that first time, and I don’t think I was squatting below parallel AT ALL.  My mobility and squat strength were just not there, and holding the bar overhead while squatting was difficult. So the results..
First time: 17:50 at 35#
This time: 15:00 at 35#
So I shaved 2:50 off of my time! And the overhead squats felt pretty easy, I felt like I definitely could have done more weight now, unlike the first time.  And I was squatting all the way down this time too.  I could probably RX this workout now, although if I did my time would probably be pretty slow.  I thought for a moment that I wouldn’t do much better because it was extremely hot in the box, like hotter than normal I felt, and it was like a sweat-box.  Really muggy and humid, the fans just felt like they were heaters.  There was also a foul smell in the air, I think from the sewage outside or something?  Whatever it was it made me feel sick and I actually looked forward to the run just because it felt cooler outside and there was less smell.
But, nevertheless, I was pretty happy with the improvement in my time.  I feel the programming helped, with all the HSPU and pull-ups we have done, my lats have become stronger and it is a little easier to hold the bar overhead.  And all the squats definitely helped increase my mobility and strengthen my glutes and quads so I can squat lower.

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