Daily Workouts


6pm Crossfit WOD
30 Clean & Jerks 135/95
Score: 5:57 RX
So it’s the start of a new cycle at our box and this month’s benchmark is Grace.  I didn’t really have any intentions on RX’ing since I didn’t think that I could, I thought I had lost too much strength.  Especially for the jerks, since my overhead strength is the worst.  But when we were warming up and I tried some at 95# I realized that I could do it, just that my time would not be as good as everyone else’s.  But when we retest it in 6 weeks, I would like to be able to do it RX and retest it at the same weight to get an accurate picture of my progress.  I have never RX’d Grace before so that was cool, and I was remembering back to the end of my first year of Crossfit when a 95# Clean and Jerk was my 1RM.  Now I can do 30 of them! (Albeit, they probably did not look very pretty, there was one that I didn’t count because I failed to press it out all the way at the top so I did it over).  Either way I am happy with how I did, and hopefully I will improve this time when we retest it!

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