Daily Workouts


6pm Crossfit WOD
Strict pull-up work (use weight if can)
I used a 10# medicine ball for a few
10 minute EMOM of:
5 Ground-to-overhead 115/95
(I used 85# and did about 4 each time)
5 minute rest
10 minute AMRAP:
5 front squats 115/95
25 double-unders
Score: 6+3 at 85#
This one was hell.  The EMOM was more than Grace! I started out doing 5 each minute for a few rounds but then could only do about 4 because I needed more time to recover.  The AMRAP was just torture.
A little rant about the programming: My husband originally wrote the workout with back squats instead of front squats, because after doing G2O your quads were probably a bit tired and back squats would work more of your posterior chain..plus we had just done thrusters the day before (even if they were light..or supposed to have been).  But they decided to change it to front squats, which I was not a fan of.  My quads were dying and I had to wait a bit each time to recover before I attempted double-unders.  I don’t really see the logic behind the way they are changing the programming…yesterday’s workout (the TTB and thrusters) was done correct, but they decided to throw an “RX +” weight for the thrusters of 110/85. That workout wasn’t meant to be heavy for thrusters, especially if today’s workout was heavier on your quads.  Not every workout in crossfit needs to be super heavy.  I understand people want gains, but if you’re doing crossfit then there are certain metcons that are meant to be more for cardio capacity and barbell cycling to get you moving faster.  For anyone who did the “RX+” weight yesterday and then doing the front squats today, your quads have got to be wrecked.  So the WOD for Wednesday 8/17 is supposed to be more for recovery since we just had two good workouts on your upper and lower body, but they threw in extra.  It was originally just running and sit-ups, but they decided to throw in lunges and air squats as well.  After the day of doing heavy front squats.  I don’t think they understand the concept of recovery.  Your muscles will not grow and you can’t allow for strength gains if you don’t properly recover as well.  You don’t need to work the same muscle group every day.  So I won’t be going to Wednesday’s WOD, I think I will just go to Gold’s and run on the treadmill a few miles.
end rant.

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