Daily Workouts


6pm – Run
4 miles
Time: 36:00
I didn’t feel like going to the box today and doing what they had re-written, but Wednesday’s are usually my days where I run in the morning and WOD in the evening.  I at least wanted to run but the rainy weather has been making running outside unavailable.  So I went to Gold’s and decided to run on the treadmill there.  I hate running on the treadmill because it really doesn’t prepare you for running in real life, so to make it more realistic I ran at a 1.0 incline and I varied my speeds.  I averaged 6mph but I would also throw in every other minute at 5mp and 7mph and varied my speeds every minute or two.  Towards the last mile I also threw in a few minutes at 8mph.  I was just going to run a 5K but once I got there I was still going and thought well, I might as well do 4 miles.  It’s pretty easy to do on a treadmill though.

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