Daily Workouts


So I probably need to program a new max for deadlift in my Wendler app.
6pm Crossfit WOD
2 rounds:
200m row
15 ball over shoulder (20#)
15 KBS (25#)
15 minutes to find 1RM for Deadlift
-Partner WOD-
8 rounds (4 each):
15 Hang Snatch
10 OH Squats
5 Push Press
Score: 14:something…I don’t remember the score.  I did this with my husband and I used 55#, and we alternated movements (he did snatches, I did OHS, he did push press, I did snatches…etc) until we finished all 8 rounds.
The WOD was good, I felt David and I had a good strategy and we finished before everyone else in class.  They also changed his programming up and wrote it to alternate rounds and have one person hold plank while the other worked, but we did it the way David originally wrote it.
The last time I tested my max deadlift was in May of last year, and it was 195#.  Since then, I know I have both decreased and increased in strength, and when I pregrammed my 1RM in my Wendler app I put in 200#.  I know it was higher but I didn’t think I was reaching too far in thinking I had at least increased my deadlift by 5#.  Especially since I have been able to do WODs with 135-155# written in. So when I went to go test my 1RM last night and got to 195# and lifted it easily, I knew I’d PR.  I added 10lbs to make it 205, and knew that I would be able to lift it and that it alone would be a PR.  205 came up fairly easy and I was happy.  Instead of just going up by 10lbs I thought what the heck, I feel great, I’ll just add 10lbs on each side, for a total of 225#.  I rested a bit and lifted. It was a little slow on the way up, but still fine.  I was stoked at this point, and knew I had another left in me.  So I added 5lbs for a total of 230# and went to lift again.
Again, it was a little slow, but I was able to stand all the way up, and my husband said I looked good, back was straight and everything.  Woohoo! I was so stoked! That’s a 30# PR!
I remember last year when I really wanted to be deadlifting at least 200# and coming up 5# short.  I wanted to get to being able to deadlift 1.5x my bodyweight.  Welp, last night I deadlifted 1.7x my body weight! I know I can definitely work up to doing 2x my bodyweight and eventually breaking 300#.  But for now I’m pretty happy with my progress. 🙂

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