Daily Workouts


6pm Crossfit WOD
“Grace” Retest
30 clean-and-jerks 135/95
Score on 8/8/16: 5:57 RX
Score this time: 4:36 RX
Fridays are usually my rest day so I wasn’t initially planning on working out, but my gym decided to do the Grace retest on Friday, so I went.  I wanted to stick with doing Wendler on Saturday and didn’t want to make up Grace AND do Wendler then, so I did it Friday.  I was nervous going into the WOD, I didn’t know how much better I’d do.  I remember how heavy 95# felt last time and how destroyed my CNS felt. My goal was to just do better than last time, if even just by a second.  I did a few to warm up and then we started.  I started out pretty good, and I got 10 done and looked at the clock and wasn’t quite at the 2 minute mark yet, and thought okay, I can beat my last score.  Last time I used a weight belt during the WOD and couldn’t clean and jerk in one fluid motion for the whole workout, there were quite a few where I had to clean, reset and take a breath, and then jerk.  And there was also one I didn’t count last time because I didn’t press all the way out.  This time I didn’t have to reset after the clean for any of them.  When I got to 15 and saw I was only 2:30 in I was determined to beat my last score and felt much better than last time.  Then when I finished and yelled “Time!” and saw my score I was stoked, 1:21 better than last time! Much better than I thought I would do, especially since I was a little sore from Thursday. Incidentally, the next day, my facebook memories popped up with a video from 2 years ago where I was excited that 95# was my new 3-rep-max.  I just did 30 of them, with jerks! Sometimes it’s nice to see how far you’ve come.
Macro Day: Low
Weight: 136.3
Calories consumed: 1611
Calories Burned: 2437 (-826)
Steps: 14536

Wendler 531
Strict Press:
5 @ 35# (warm-up set)
5 @ 40# (warm-up set)
3 @ 45# (warm-up set)
5 @ 50#
5 @ 60#
5+ @ 65# (I did 6)
BBB sets: 5 x 10 @ 40#
5 @ 85# (warm-up set)
5 @ 110# (warm-up set)
3 @ 130# (warm-up set)
5 @ 140#
5 @ 165#
5+ @ 185# (I did 5)
BBB sets: 5 x 10 @ 110#
Dumbbell row: 4 x 6 @ 35#
Core Work:
Planks: 3 x 1:00
Side planks: 3 x 0:45
10 minute Handstand practice
Wendler was good. I don’t think I have ever deadlifted 185# more than 2x and I was able to do 5, so that felt good. Getting better at finding my balance on handstands, now just have to work on feeling brave enough to take more than a couple of steps.
Macro Day: Super
Weight: 136.3
Calories consumed: 2125
Calories Burned: 2249 (-124)
Steps: 10582

Bike ride 
11.36 mile
This was fun, although husband took a spill.  My hamstrings started to hurt a little when we were going up on of the inclines.  The hills had me breathing hard, but it was still fun.  Bike rides always make me hungrier than crossfit.
Macro Day: Medium
Weight: 134.7
Calories consumed: 2063
Calories Burned: 2531 (-468)
Steps: 10514


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