Daily Workouts


6:45am Crossfit WOD
3 x 3 Front Squats
21-15-9 of
Box jumps
GHD Sit-ups
Score: 7:41 RX
So I decided to try out the crossfit at Camp Mabry to see if I would be able to do it in the mornings and then get to work in time.  It’s free for all DOD card holders, the class is at 6:45am and there are showers on base, and it’s a few miles from where I work, where I don’t need to be until 8:30am (with a bit of leeway). I was able to get to work in time, and I liked the WOD.  The box is about the same size as the one I go to now, and I like the fact that I can go in the morning and get home earlier and eat earlier.  Plus, the fact that it’s free is a big plus! I’m thinking about switching.  We would save more money each month.  I also like their programming.  It seems smart and they have a goal in mind and good knowledge on proper mechanics and how things should be scaled. I think I will give it a few more trials to make sure I can definitely make it to work in time before I decide to switch, but I like the thought of being able to workout in the morning.
My abs are going to be way sore.
Macro Day: Medium
Weight: 133.8
Calories consumed: 1985
Calories Burned: 2227 (-242)
Steps: 10819

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