Daily Workouts


I attended my first Quickstart webinar, and Paul gave me a little more fats to eat! Yay! I feel like that might make meals a little easier to plan since it’s difficult for me to plan meals around so much carbs and protein and so little fats.  It’s not much more, but I’m excited to see where these macros will take me.  I’m also planning out a new workout schedule. I think I might stick with Camp Mabry crossfit and do it on Monday Wednesdays and Fridays, and keep with Wendler on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and maybe a day of hypertrophy as well.
Macro Day: Low
Weight: 133.8
Calories consumed: 1838
Calories Burned: 2120 (-282)
Steps: 12934
~Drill Weekend~
We did some ridiculous PT, a few sets of jumping jacks, or “side-straddle-hop,” a few sets of push-ups, and a few rounds of sprints.  Not too much. It IS the guard, and we don’t do much PT in my unit (although I think we should).
Macro Day: Super
Weight: 133.8
Calories consumed: 2258
Calories Burned: 2323 (-65)
Steps: 12064
Bike ride
7 miles
I wasn’t going to go riding, but then my 1SG said that they were going to push for early release on Sunday, so I planned on going with my husband when I got off.  Early release ended up being BS of course…we had nothing to do but were basically sitting around waiting for 1SG to text our section leaders and let us know we can leave. come 1500 we were finally released (at the original release time).  I still decided to go riding with my husband because I felt lazy and I thought it might relieve some stress.  Which it did, for the first part of the ride, because it was downhill.  Coming back was a bit tiring, I was huffing and puffing and going very slow. Still glad I went though.  Steps were not on point today, I was really tired from the whole weekend and didn’t try as hard.
Macro Day: Medium
Weight: 134.1
Calories consumed: 2054
Calories Burned: 2244 (-190)
Steps: 8484

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