Daily Workouts


6:45am Crossfit WOD
Deadlifts 3 x 3
6 rounds:
30 cal row, 3o seconds rest
6 rounds:
30 power snatches, 30 seconds rest
6 rounds:
30 wall-balls, 30 seconds rest
Soooo… I’m pretty sure the morning coach read the workout wrong and it was supposed to be 30 seconds on-30 seconds off, not 30 reps then 30 seconds off. Nevertheless, I started the workout as he thought it was written, and did the 6 rounds of rowing at 30 calories, 30 seconds of rest. That alone was enough for me.  I don’t think he thought about that when he read the workout, there’s no way that they programmed pretty much 6 rounds of Isabel and then Karen…. Once I got to the snatches I did them as 30-seconds-on, and 30-seconds-off.  I didn’t finish, I did about half of the snatches and then my shoulders were burnt and I had to go get ready for work.  It would have been good, if we did it as written lol.
But other than that, I kind of like doing the WOD in the morning with them.  By the time we start the warm-up the sun is rising, and I almost don’t feel like I have work that day, it feels like I’m working out early on the weekend.  Although I do think I need to bring a hairdryer with me because otherwise I get to work with wet hair.  I’m kind of excited about maybe starting to do the WODs in the morning.  I would miss the crossfit family at my other box, but it’s nice to get home earlier and I like the programming a bit better.
Macro Day: Low
Weight: 133.8
Calories consumed: 1784
Calories Burned: 2376 (-592)
Steps: 11438

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