Daily Workouts


Wendler Back Squat Cycle 3 Week 1
Back Squat:
5 @ 65# (warm-up set)
5 @ 80# (warm-up set)
5 @ 95# (warm-up set)
5 @ 105#
5 @ 120#
5 @ 135#
Back raises: 3 x 15
Leg extensions: 4 x 12 @ 60#
Leg press: 4 x 12 @ 200#
Side bends: 3 x 15
Squats felt good. I was a little nervous about doing the last set but I did them fine.  Feel like I’m getting stronger.
When I got to the gym, all of the squat racks were taken.  When I looked, one guy had pulled a bench into the squat rack and was doing bench press.  The gym had SEVEN actual bench press racks, and ALL of them were completely free.  But this dude decided he wanted to take up the squat rack (and there were like 3 people that were waiting for a squat rack to actually do squats) instead of taking one of the empty bench racks.  Why? Ugh it was annoying. I hate globo gyms and even more so because usually whatever equipment I am going there to use is always in use.

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