Whole 30

Whole 30 R1 Day 2

Day 2 is in the books. I’m beginning to think that starting Whole 30 the week Aunt Irma is in town wasn’t the best idea. Since I am also cutting out caffeine (for now at least, because I just can’t drink coffee without some sort of added sweetness), I was a little tired in the morning. But my body is adjusting to the no caffeine since I have cut it out for a week already, so I’m not having any more afternoon crashes. My meals were yummy.


I was so ready for breakfast.  I’m always hungry in the morning.  Well, I’m always hungry period.  But I was excited to try this sweet potato toast I see all over the internet.  And sweet potato toast with almond butter–delicious! This might be a new morning staple.

Sweet potato “toast” with almond butter, sausage, and berries




Mid-morning snack:

Breakfast didn’t fill me up enough and by 10am I was starving again.  So I had a small handful of almonds and blueberries to hold me over until lunch.

A small amount of blueberries and almonds



Lunch was good.  I grilled a boneless, skinless chicken thigh the night before and had it with some steamed asparagus and a small jazz apple.

Grilled chicken thigh, steamed asparagus, and a small jazz apple



I always need some sort of carbs for fuel about 1-2 hours before a workout. Today I grabbed a cherry larabar, and had a couple pieces of Epic bison meat jerky.

Cherry Larabar and a couple pieces of Epic Bar jerky. Yum.



Today is Taco Tuesday! I made my tacos on lettuce wraps and topped my ground beef with cilantro, lime, avocado and salsa.  My husband has his with corn tortillas and cheese added.

Taco Tuesday! Ground beef “tacos” on lettuce with avocado, lime and salsa. 



Bench Press –
2 Rounds:
20 right armed DB snatch 35/25#
20 1 armed DB OH Lunge 35/25#
20 left armed DB snatch 35/25#
20 1 armed DB OH Lunge 35/25#
50 situps
Score: 11:55RX

The workout felt okay, but the overhead lunges with a dumbbell are kind of tough.  It’s much easier with a barbell.  It took a lot of stability to hold it overhead while lunging.

Looking forward to another day tomorrow!




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