Whole 30

Whole 30 R1 Days 4-5


Day 4 was a pretty good day.  I am starting to wake up without being dead tired, and getting my energy back.  I’ve stopped crashing in the mid afternoon and don’t feel tired until I go to bed.

BREAKFAST – Breakfast was once again an Aidell’s Chicken Apple sausage link with wilted spinach, and a cup of mixed berries and banana. I also ate a few raw almonds.

Aidell’s Chicken Apple sausage, wilted spinach and mixed fruit

LUNCH – Lunch was leftover Chicken Tikka Masala over cauliflower rice, and a jazz apple (not pictured).

Leftover crockpot Chicken Tikka Masala over cauliflower rice

SNACK – About two hours before my workout I was pretty hungry, so I munched on a Cherry Larabar and a small handful of Wildway Apple cinnamon grain-free granola.

DINNER – for dinner I cooked up some steak and served it over spaghetti squash and spinach.

Steak over spaghetti squash with spinach

Day 4 felt pretty good overall. Starting to get a little less hungry in between meals. 

WORKOUT– I went to the gymnastics class and it was difficult but good! We did negative pull ups, Russian dips (which are tough), and a few other good exercises.


Friday I had drill. I brought my meals and snacks with me. Then when I got home Friday evening, my husband and I went out for my first whole 30 meal out.

BREAKFAST – I know smoothies are generally frowned upon on whole 30, but it was the easiest thing I could travel with that I didn’t need to heat up. I will make an exception for smoothies on military weekends. I had a smoothie with Collagen, coconut milk, banana, blueberries, avocado, spinach, and hemp seeds. Not bad.

Smoothie with Collagen, banana, coconut milk, blueberries, spinach, hemp seeds and avocado

LUNCH – Lunch was leftovers from the night before…steak and spaghetti squash and spinach. I also had some Epic beef jerky.

DINNER – My first meal out! We went to Outback, and they were very accommodating. I asked for the ribeye dry, without seasonings, and no butter. I asked for them to steam my broccoli without butter and my sweet potato plain. It was really good!! Why don’t I order ribeyes more often when I go out??

Outback Ribeye dry, no seasonings or butter, plain sweet potato and broccoli steamed without butter

I’d say for my first dinner out out was pretty darn delicious! 

No workout today, I got out of drill early enough to make the workout but was feeling sore.

I gotta say, I’m usually pretty sleepy around lunch time at drill. But even with having to wait in line almost all day, I had energy throughout the day. It feels good not to be tired all the time!

PS–i posted up the salmon recipe that I made on day 1, you can see it here 🙂


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