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Whole 30 Days 9-10

Still feeling pretty great!

And still loving what I’m eating. One great thing about doing Whole 30 is I’m getting more ideas for new recipes.

I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything either. My sweet-tooth has diminished and is satisfied just by eating a little fruit. But I do think I should limit my fruit and stick to more starchy carbs, they suit me better in workouts.

I’m also feeling much better allergy-wise.  Since I found out I’m allergic to soy I no longer have any, you’d be surprised at how many things have soy in it.  I can’t eat Chinese food anymore, and I just found out that I can’t eat at most of the Greek restaurants we frequent, and that made me sad.  But I do enjoy the food that I’m eating, and since I cut soy out my allergies have gotten tremendously better.  I think it’s a combination of no soy and Whole 30 that is really helping me breathe again.  I’m usually CONSTANTLY wiping my nose, and now I only seem to do so when I have been running outside (because I’m allergic to most molds and the mold has been high in Texas). I love how I feel! I have great energy, and my stomach has never felt better!


BREAKFAST: Leftover Harvest Breakfast Hash, banana
LUNCH: Leftover Chicken Tikka Masala over cauliflower rice, pink lady apple
DINNER: Leftover Pork Chop, steamed broccoli
SNACKS: Raw almonds, Lemon Larabar (pre-wod), dates (post-wod)


Front/OH Squat (I did front)

3 second pause at the bottom of all squats!
5 Rounds of:
5 pull-ups
10 DB push press 30-35/20-25
10 DB deadlifts
Score: 10:59RX 
This was heck on my shoulders! And those 3 second pause squats are no joke!

DAY 10

BREAKFAST: Aidell’s Chicken-Apple sausage, wilted baby spinach and kale, banana and blueberries
LUNCH: Leftover Caramelized Pear Pork Chop, sweet potato
DINNER: Shrimp and Bacon “Spaghetti”
SNACKS: Raw almonds, cherry Larabar (pre-wod), dates (post-wod)



75 snatches for time @75/55
Immediately followed by max number double unders. 9 min time cap. Remaining time is utilized for double unders!
Score: I don’t remember my time, but I surprisingly finished before the time cap and was able to do 27 double-unders. 
Snatches are NOT my best exercise..



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